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  • NU (matte medium ginger)
  • T.O (matte muted wine red brown)
  • VINTAGE (matte rich red-based brown)
  • HEFNER (matte warm midtone golden-brown)
  • BOHO (pearlized iced bronze cocoa)
  • BRONZE (pearlized antiqued golden brown shimmer)
  • TURKISH (pearlized muted golden plum brown & gold shimmer)
  • HOT PANTS (pearlized golden brown & golden shimmer)
  • BROWNIE (matte deepest pure brown)
  • DATE NIGHT (pearlized super rich brown frost)
  • FRISKY (pearlized intense deep brown & gold flecks)
  • MINX (pearlized blackend brown & copper flecks)
  • MUDDY (pearlized deep cocoa brown)
  • VIBE (pearlized metallic deep golden ash bronze)
  • DOMINATE (darkest cool brown black)
  • COCOON (matte toned burgundy terracotta)
  • WANNA (pearlized gold dipped peach)
  • UPTOWN (pearlized intense iced copper)
  • WORK IT (matte intense orange)
  • DIRTY LOVE ( matte rich deep purple grape)
  • SKETCHY ( matte rich deep wine)
  • BLACKSTAR (pearlized jet black & silver fleck sparkles)
  • BLACKEST BLACK ( matte purest darkest matte jet black)
  • CARDINAL ( velour bold metallic cardinal red)
  • CARA MIA ( velour glowing golden molten peach)
  • RESTRICTED ( velour toasted golden bronze)
  • PINK QUARTZ ( velour brilliant cool pink quartz)
  • ROSE ELIXIR ( velour vibrant and bright pink rose gold chrome)
  • BURNT SIENNA ( velour glowing molten copper)
  • BLACK ORCHID ( pearled black with gold flecks)
  • BEIGE MIST ( pearlized frosty yellowed beige & icy shimmer)
  • POP ART ( matte muted brown)
  • PLAYBOY ( matte muted dusty soft pink)
  • STAR QUALITY ( pearlized light gold beige & gold glitter flecks)

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